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Useful Fasting timetable

Accomplish your fasting at the proper starting and ending times, for your current location. You can adjust local variations by adjusting minutes, count your missed days to catch up with them later, or create an alarm to wake you up before the start of Suhoor.

Fasting timetable

Accurate Salat times

Perform Salat at the proper times for your desired locations. With this application, you can adjust local variations via the settings, by choosing the calculation method used in your mosque, or adjusting the minutes for each prayer.

Accurate Salat times

Beautiful Names of God

Memorize and recite the 99 names of Allah to get multiple rewards during this holy month. You can review the “Asma ul Husna” in arabic with beautiful calligraphies and audio recordings. To facilitate learning and recitation, they are translated and phonetically transliterated.

Beautiful names of God

Beneficial Duas

Supplicate as much as possible to get maximum benefits from the month of Ramadan. Recite authentic duas related to the fasting situations, taken from the book “Fortress of the Muslim”. This section include arabic scripts, audio recitations, transliterations and translations to facilitate understanding.

Beneficial duas

Complete Guide

Improve your Iman and get closer to Allah (swt) during this blessed month. With the Ramadan guide, find answers to your questions related to the rulings and obligations of fasting. It is aimed for muslims who want to correctly fulfil their duties.

Complete guide

Useful Ramadan calendar

Accomplish your fasting at the accurate Suhoor and Iftar times.

Accurate Namaz times

Find the five daily accurate prayer times based on your current location.

Beautiful Names of Allah

Recite the 99 names of Allah in arabic to get great benefits.

Ramadan features

Self-adjusting Suhoor alarm

Wake up before Suhoor to prepare the meal with the whole family.

Beneficial Duas

Get benefits by reciting authentic duas specific for fasting time.

Pratical Guide

Obtain information about how to follow Ramadan fasting rules.

"Awesome! Even it tells you how to pray to Allah before breaking the fast. Really good app!"
Muslim man
Lulzim C.Satisfied User
"Fantastic! This app is very user friendly, and offer an educational aspects that I appreciate."
Muslim woman
Zuleikah Z.Satisfied User
"Masha Allah! very nice, indeed you can manual search any city. Very clean to have no nasty ads."
Muslim man
Hassan K.Satisfied User

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