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Adjustable prayer times

Perform Salah at the right time at your desired locations. You can adjust local variations via the settings, by choosing the calculation method used in your mosque, or adjusting minutes for each prayer.

Adjustable prayer times

Precise qibla locator

Find in which direction the Kaaba is. The Prayer Times application use your device’s internet connection, gps and compass to find the right direction. It is very easy to use, just follow our instructions to find the correct position.

Precise Qibla locator

Beautiful adhan notifications

Be notified by adhans recited by the most beautiful and fascinating voices of muezzins in the islamic world. With the call to prayer, you will be alerted to the imminence of a salat, in order to, don’t miss any of the five mandatory daily prayers.

Beautiful Adhan notifications

Accurate namaz times

Find the times for the five daily prayer based on your current location.

Beautiful calls to prayer

Hear the adhans with high audio quality from the most beautiful voices of muezzins.

Self-adjusting Fajr alarm

Wake up every day before the Fajr prayer, without having to constantly adjust the alarm clock.

Prayer times features

Adjustable Hijri calendar

Adjust the date of the Islamic calendar, and find its equivalent from the Gregorian calendar.

Quick multi-location support

Easily monitor the Salat times of different cities or locations via a unique interface.

Easy to use

Use a clean app with a simple, easy-to-use design and intuitive functionalities.

"Very useful, you can make an alarm 30 min before fajr azan."
Muslim man
Saheem M.Satisfied User
"Its really good! I travel to whole world. With this app, is really awesome to know the prayers timing in different parts of the world."
Muslim man
Muhammad M.Satisfied User
"Best app for me. Now i'm able to easily pray towards qibla and know the azaan timings."
Muslim woman
Safiya M.Satisfied User

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